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City of Littlefork
Home of the Jackpine Savage

Meet Our Mayor and Council

Littlefork is a public corporation under the laws of the State of Minnesota.  Littlefork is a statutory city which operates under Chapter 412 of the Minnesota Statutes, commonly known as the City Code.  Although all statutory cities possess the same basic powers, the code permits them to select one of several optional forms of organization.  Littlefork's city government operates as a "Plan A" Minnesota city.

Plan A of government consists of a Mayor and four council members.  The council meets regularly on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00p.m. at Littlefork City Hall, 901 Main Street.  The City Clerk/Administrator manages the day-to-day administration.

Mayor Mike Fort

Council Member Sandy Heem

Council Member Loren Lehman

Council Member Kevin Sather

Council Member Destry Hell

City Clerk/Administrator Sonja E. Pelland

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