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City of Littlefork
Home of the Jackpine Savage

About Us
In the heart of the ancient pine forests, the first white settlers arrived along the Littlefork River in 1884.  Within twenty years they had made logging into an enormous industry, and in 1904 the Village of Littlefork was established. 

A still thriving City of approximately 650 residents, Littlefork serves at the focus for business, education, transportation, and recreation for many miles in every direction.

In Littlefork you can return to the comforts of fresh baked bread, homecoming parades, and the security of family and true friends. You will come to know, as we do, that you can visit any place in the world but Littlefork is "Always Home."

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History of Littlefork
In the late 19th century and early 20th century, homesteaders began settling along the Little Fork River.  This was natural as the only means of transportation was along waterways.

In 1884 the first settlers arrived in the Little Fork Valley and by 1904 logging became an important industry.

In 1904, an application for the establishment of a village was presented to the County and U.S. Commissioners and the Village of Littlefork was established.  In 1974 the Village of Littlefork became the City of Littlefork.

Littlefork is located on state highway 217 an U.S. highways 65 and 71 and is the closest route to Voyageurs National park from the West.

Community Profile
Welcome to the City of Littlefork.  We are a small friendly town with nearly 700 residents. 

The economic base for the area is agriculture, tourism, and the timber industry.  There are ample opportunities for new businesses, business relocation or expansion throughout the community.  Local assistance is available through county agencies and the City of Littlefork.

The needs of the residents, tourists and businesses are served by a convenience store, restaurants, grocery store, service station, building supply, general hardware, construction materials, carpenters, cabinetmakers, private and municipal liquor establishments.  In addition there are plumbing and heating services, real estate agents, a nursing home, clinic, an assisted living facility, backhoe service, sign company, printing and graphic design company, motel, a thrift store, post office, bank, and churches.  The Littlefork Times is a weekly community newpaper serving the area. Abundant electric power is distributed by North Star Electric Co-op, and is suited to industrial expansion.

Littlefork offers a municipal airport with property leases available for individual hangar construction and is located twenty minutes from Falls International Airport.

Woodworking, painting, sewing, and quilting are just a few of the many crafts practiced by local folks.  Championship and prize-winning talent is obvious at the local craft fairs and district fair. 

Hunting and fishing are popular outdoor activities in the area.  The Little Fork and Big Fork Rivers flow north to the Rainy River through many miles of forestland, and provide some of the finest fishing and canoeing in Minnesota.

Hunting is excellent with vast areas of public lands.  Outdoor enthusiasts are provided with unlimited opportunities to snowmobile, cross-country ski, horseback ride or just hike the beautiful old logging trails.

Just minutes from Littlefork are Voyageurs National Park, Rainy Lake, Kabetogama Lake and the Ontario Lake country.

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